Too Gullible

too gullible

As people get older, they start to be less gullible.

But, aaaaah… Not me.


The other week, the family cat scratched me. And I told my sister and showed her my bleeding leg. And I was freaking out and I guess she got annoyed and said, “Yoh, dood, you’re going to get cat scratch fever.”

But I was skeptical. Her voice and facial expressions showed that her statement was false. So I replied with, “What’s cat scratch fever?”

And she talked about a fever, pain, rashes, dizziness, going crazy and death. It was also either incurable or would take a long while before it’d be cured for good.

And I started freaking out! I started annoying her with more questions and I even asked my dad about it.

Luckily though, after a while, I searched it up. It’s not as bad as she said it was.

But I felt extremely dumb afterward.

Like, why? Why so gullible? xD

But at least I annoyed her. That’s a plus from the experience. (~ o 3 o )~


(And just the other day, I told my sister about our puppy biting my knee the other week and how it started to hurt the day after till now. She said it was a blood clot. Once again, I started freaking out but after a while, she finally said it wasn’t. But I am starting to drink water and exercise just in case… Not sure if it’ll help though. xD )


What are some things you’ve believed only to find out it was a lie? v8>


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