April to May Plans

april to may plans
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Ahoy, all!

I haven’t been too sure on what to write and draw lately. But out of the blue, I thought, ‘why not just write about my plans for the next 1-2 months (since we’re already almost halfway into April). I hope you all enjoy and criticize the read! (~ v 8 )~


Keep up with skool

I’ve already made my record keeping things (attendance, credit planner, course info, etc). But I’m going to look through them again and touch ’em up a bit.

And I’ve also already started doing a bit of skool stuff. Mainly reviewing the things I’ve learned in the past though.

Study for driver’s license

I’m one of those late bloomers, okay? v8<

But, yeah, finally going to study for it after 2 years of having the option to do so much earlier.

Get back into having hobbies

Back before Chops’ Box was created, I had a lot of fun loom knitting, crocheting and making origami. And I really wanna get back into doing those things again!

Take the time to come up with ideas

I just wanna sit down every so often in a nice peaceful place and think of things to draw and write about for you guys. And hopefully, it’ll make me become a more productive person.


And that’s about it for my goals for now… I know it doesn’t seem like much but I need baby steps. x)

Also, please share what your goals for this and next month are! o3o

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