About Chops & Box

Ahoy and welcome to my lovely home, Box! I’m AahChooo, but since we’re fam now, just call me “Chops”!

I throw comics, doodles, blog posts and story pages in Box whenever I can. And I do hope I can do more in the future!

Chops’ Box has been “secretly” going through renovations lately, so if you see any “Test” thing pop up at random, quietly ignore it! v;

Or get a screenshot of it and post it on Twitter and make fun of me – I don’t care… >n>

I’m just kidding! I’d get a kick out of it! xP

So, yeah… Don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribble! And if you have any suggestions and questions you wanna say, please do say. I don’t bite, hahah! ^-^

– AahChooo ze Chops in ze Box